Thimbles On Wheels joins
             Philadelphia Thimble Society and Capital Area Thimble Society
                               Ocean City, Maryland   ~   October 27-29, 2017

    Every attendee received an official meeting thimble made of
    heavy brass, with a brass logo attached.  The theme of this
    meeting was "Carousel of Thimble Fun."  Attendees also
                               received a crocheted thimble with pearls and a seashell
                               attached, made by Jane Sapone. (see above, top)

On Friday, October 27, 2017, members and guests began to gather at the Dunes
Manor in Ocean City for another weekend of thimble fun.  The fun began with a field
trip to the Ocean City Boardwalk and a visit to the Trimper’s Amusements that
houses an antique carousel.  It is the country's oldest continuously operating
carousel since its 1912 installation.
 We were met by employees who told us of the
history of the carousel and then were treated to a ride.

Following this we visited the Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum that is filled
with artifacts showing the history of Ocean City and also the Life Saving Service
which is now the Coast Guard.

Back to the hotel for teatime in the lobby.  Always a treat!  Then in the evening we
were treated to a pizza party.  Followed by a presentation on "Elongated Pennies"
that had been prepared by Mary Craft.  A few fairly lively games of Sewing Bingo
which were enjoyed by all.  Tired but never too tired to enjoy a time of chit chat in
the hospitality room.

Saturday morning found us up early to set up and then participate in the sales mall.  
This is always a time of great adventure as we each search for that special find.  
With fourteen members set up to sell there was plenty to choose from.  Also during
this time we had a silent auction that was enjoyed by all.  

Programs for the weekend included:
  "World of Carousels" presented by Marilyn Chesnutt
  "The Thimbles of Gili Davis" presented by Jenny Bockel
  "Hedgehog Sewing Tools" presented by Mabel Rogers, prepared by Mary Craft
  "Treasures from the Sea" presented by Christina Bertrand

We were delighted to be able to call this an international TOW meeting with Jenny
and Terry Bockel visiting from South Africa. The meeting was attended by fifty-nine
people from eighteen different states and South Africa.

The hotel was as usual a delightful place to visit with excellent food, great teatime
and every room an ocean view.  The hospitality room had plenty of treats and
never a lack of conversation.

Following breakfast on Sunday we all began the trek home with Mabel, Sandy
Plourde and the Bockels beginning a long road trip to Texas and a visit with Mary
Craft!  Hee Haw!

  Thank you, Philadelphia Thimble Society and Capital Area Thimble Society for
inviting TOW to join you in a great meeting!

          ♪ Happy Thimble Trails to You…… Until We Meet Again…          
Ocean City, Maryland - 10/27 - 10/29, 2017
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels