Thimbles On Wheels attends the
               Thimble Collectors International 21st Biennial Convention
                                                40 Year Anniversary
                                            Washington, D.C., U.S.A.                                     
                                                August 15 - 18, 2018

Members of Thimbles On Wheels joined the Thimble Collectors International 21st
Biennial Convention
in Washington D.C. August 15 through August 18, 2018, hosted by
Capital Area Thimble Society (CATS).
 As usual, everyone attending utilized "wheels"
in one form or another to arrive.

Unfortunately, neither Kit nor Mary were able to attend this event due to health problems.  
Both are doing well now; however, this leaves our web page without a descriptive narrative
nor photos of this 40th Anniversary event of TCI.  So please check your Fall 2018
TCI Bulletin for a multitude of color photos and narrative about the convention.   

A big THANK YOU to TCI and Capital Area Thimble Society for all your hard work in
organizing this convention!

            Happy Thimble Trails to You…… Until We Meet Again…         
Washington, D.C. - 8/15 - 8/18, 2018
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels