Thimbles On Wheels was invited to join the Tri-State Thimble Meeting  of the
Lady Slipper Thimblers of Minnesota, Dairyland Thimblers (WI), and  Hawkeye  
Thimblers (IA)
, in Bloomington, Minnesota on October 5, 2013.  The meeting was held at
Embassy Suites (Airport) in Bloomington, MN. This year’s meeting was hosted by the
Lady Slipper Thimblers of Minnesota.

The meeting was attended by 27 collectors and 2 friends.  Six states were represented:  
13 from MN,  8 from WI,  3 from IA,  2 from IL,  2 from TX, and  1 from IN.  Most came by
car and a few by plane....both of which have

leaves on the trees, especially in Wisconsin, were absolutely beautiful and enhanced
the Autumn theme of the meeting.  

Those who arrived on Friday evening met and
visited in the hotel Atrium, enjoying free
snacks and drinks, and then migrated to “Woolseys” restaurant, also in the Atrium, where
they enjoyed an excellent dinner.

Breakfast on Saturday morning was in the hotel Atrium, where we enjoyed a free cooked-
breakfast buffet.  What a great way to start the day.

The thimble fun started at 10:30 a.m. with a
Sales Mall in the Gardenia Room.  Oh, so
many treasures to be seen and added to our collections!  There were so many wonderful
things it was difficult to make decisions as to which would go home with us.

All attendees received "Goodie Bags" containing a special "Tri-State Meeting" porcelain
thimble designed by Marilyn Curttright of Dairyland Thimblers, a button/badge with the
same theme as the thimble (different versions for
women and men) and various other
goodies and treats. Very nice and very much appreciated by everyone.

After we shopped for a while, the attendees were welcomed by
Mickey Walbrun of
Dairyland Thimblers.

This was followed by a presentation by
Mary Ann Johnson, of LSTMN, entitled Thimbles
Around the World.
 What a beautiful and exciting trip we all took viewing thimbles from
places she has visited around the world.  Very nicely done, Mary Ann!

Lunch was served in the Magnolia Room. We enjoyed excellent food, beautifully served,
and the company of great thimble friends.

After lunch, the first program was
Thimbles and Sewing Tools with Pansy Motifs  by Mary
Craft and Jenny Bockel, narrated by
Mary Craft of TOW.  The program was dedicated to
those collectors who are no longer with us – “Pansy, Pensée, Remember.”

After a short break, the second program,
Contemporary Thimble Makers  was presented
Kit Froebel of TOW.  This program showed examples of thimble makers still working
today, with information about each.  It was very informative and enjoyed by all.

Then it was time for a break with refreshments of cookies, brownies, coffee, tea, and
assorted drinks.

Next up was a
Raffle and drawing for Door Prizes, conducted by Anne Heuer of LSTMN
and Mickey Walbrun of Dairyland Thimblers.  Almost everyone won something and it was
a lot of fun.  

The attendees posed for a group photo, and afterward the Sales Mall was reopened so
that everyone could make their final purchases of the day.  

The meeting adjourned a little after 4 pm and some participants once again availed
themselves of their various "wheels" and headed toward home.  

Those staying over until the next day took a shuttle to “Mall of America” for dinner at the
Rainforest Café." What a unique and fun experience!  Thunder, lightning, rain, and great

Thimbles on Wheels wishes to send a giant THANK YOU to the Lady Slipper
Thimblers, Dairyland Thimblers,
and Hawkeye Thimblers for their gracious invitation
TOW members to attend their meeting.  And thanks especially to all the people in those
groups who worked so hard to make the event such a success!

We hope to see all of our thimble friends again soon.  Until then, watch the
TOW web
page for details of our next meeting as soon as they become available.

 Happy thimble trails to you... and  Keep those thimbles rollin'....
Bloomington, Minnesota  10-5-13
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels
Programs by Kit and Mary, from this meeting and
previous meetings, may be ordered from the
tab on the Home Page.  Proceeds go toward TOW
site maintenance.
Back row:   Anne, Vicky, Carol, Linda, Jean, Mary Jo, Mary, Colleen, Dan
Middle:   Marilyn, Ann, Mary Ann, Joann, Donna, Mary, Micky, Aldean, Mickey
Front:   John,  Barb, Clara, Kit, Verola, Alice, Marge