Thimbles On Wheels (TOW)
 traveled to and met in BRANSON,
MISSOURI on November 8, 2003.  It was a great meeting and though it
was a small group, we had a ball!

Those who arrived on Thursday night got up early on Friday and
attended a 9:30 A.M.show by comedian Yakov Shmirnoff.  "What a
Country!" (See photo of Yakov and TOW members)  We had front row
seats , resulting in one member joining one of the Russian dancers
on-stage.  (Again, see photos)

We shopped and did some sightseeing and then Friday evening
attended the Pam Tillis show.  Another great show, though none of us
actually participated in this one, but a toe-tapping, boot-scooting time
was had by all.

On Saturday morning we were joined by the rest of the group and made
our way to the thimble meeting.  Kit Froebel gave a wonderful talk on
"Ketcham & McDougal Patent Thimbles" and had brought several
examples for everyone to examine.  It was a very interesting program
and we all learned a great deal.  After lunch Kit also headed a
discussion on Dorcas thimbles, once again with examples for everyone
to examine, including the coveted "American Dorcas" with enamel.  
Emily Capin also shared examples of Dorcas and steel-cored thimbles.

Other highlights of the meeting included Show and Tell (always a
favorite) and a Gift Swap.  Of course, thimbles were traded, bought,
and sold, as always happens when collectors get together.

On Saturday night the whole group attended the Andy Williams show in
the Moon River Theater.  It was a spectacular show with a Christmas
theme, as all of Branson has been in a Christmas mode since
November 1.  The lights and decorations in Branson were beautiful and
put everyone in an early  holiday mood.

Most of us left for home on Sunday morning, but one member's flight
out wasn't until Monday, so she also took in the Rockettes and Mickey
Gilley shows.

It was wonderful to get together with old friends, visit, talk thimbles,
shop, see wonderful shows, eat good food, and talk thimbles some
more.  We missed seeing you there and hope you can join us for the
next one.  We have some great destinations on the planning board so
be sure to get on the "Contact List" to receive all the details when they
become available.
Branson, Missouri - 11-8-03
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels