for a meeting on May 1, 2010.  Attendees started arriving on
Thursday, April 29 in order to take in some of the many shows
-- some flew, others drove, one came partway by train;  but all
utilized “

In attendance were 11 collectors from 5 states:  ARIZONA -
Lucerne Wulf;  ILLINOIS - Peggy Carroll;  MISSOURI - Sue and
Phil Eberley, Carolyn Morgan, Donogene Thurmond;   
OKLAHOMA - Cynthia Brantley, Pam Raymond;  TEXAS - Mary
Craft, Kit Froebel, Shirley Sturm.

The meeting was held at the Peachtree Inn in Branson.  We
were very pleased with the accommodations, the price and the
helpful staff.

The four members who arrived on Thursday attended an award
winning variety show at the Grand Country Music Hall that
evening.  A friend who is Head Usher there arranged free
tickets for us.  We had great seats and the show was wonderful.

On Friday we attended a morning show of "Spirit of the
Dance."  It was an excellent show and because you are up
close, you can see how hard those dancers really work and
sweat, which you don't see on TV.  That particular theater was
also showing "The 12 Irish Tenors" at different hours so there
were lots of Irish things in the gift shop, including thimbles.

Back at the hotel, three more members had arrived and we just
couldn't wait any longer so had an impromptu bedroom
shopping session.  We ogled ("looked at with amorous
intentions") and fondled thimbles until we realized that it was
past dinnertime and everyone was starving.  Dinner was at
"The Rib Crib," which we found by default.  Wow, what a
fortunate choice for us.  Absolutely wonderful ribs and brisket.
Put that name on your list of places to eat next time you're in

Our final two attendees arrived early Saturday morning and the
meeting began.  The hotel owner allowed us to use the entire
dining room after 9:30.  He even left the coffee pot going and
the orange juice machine and leftover donuts from breakfast.  
No charge.  What a nice guy.  The only snag in the whole
weekend was that the "new" tv we had been promised was not
new enough to have the correct type of plug to hook up a
computer, so we had to show the programs on a laptop.
However, no one seemed to mind, and the programs were well
received.  First, Mary Craft presented "Products In Thimbles."  
Since it was short, we had time for a second program and
everyone voted to see Kit Froebel's program on "Cherubs and
Cupids on Thimbles."

There was a drawing for door prizes after the programs and
winners were Peggy Carroll, Cynthia Brantley and Sue Eberley.  
Each attendee received a thimble from Lucerne Wulf which she
had brought back from a trip to the Faulklands - thank you,
Lucerne!  In addition to table favors, attendees got a chance to
select items from the "Free Table," which was a crowd pleaser.  
Then -- it was time for the Sales Mall, which we all know was
one of the main reasons everyone came in the first place.  ;o)   
Oh my, what fun.  Everyone went home with many more
thimbles than they had planned to buy, but it was just so hard
to choose......

Saturday evening, after a mouth watering buffet meal at the
Grand Country Buffet, most attended the "Jim Stafford Show"
and it too was marvelous. We laughed so hard our sides hurt.  
On the way to the theater, we passed the Ripley's Believe It Or
Not museum (across the street from the Titanic Museum) and it
features a tall skyscraper-shaped building with a gigantic
replica of King Kong holding an airplane on the top.  One of
our members commented that the snarling facial expression
reminded her of a thimble collector saying
"You took the
thimble 'I' wanted !!"

On Sunday morning we all went our separate ways.  It was
wonderful to get together with friends, visit, talk thimbles,
shop, see wonderful shows, eat good food, and talk thimbles
some more.  We missed seeing you there and hope you can
join us for the next one.  We have some great destinations on
the planning board so be sure to get on the "Contact List" to
receive all the details when they become available.  Meanwhile,
Branson, Missouri - 5-1-10
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels
"You took the
thimble 'I'