Thimbles On Wheels (TOW) traveled to Chicago Illinois on 6/30/07
at the invitation of
Thimblefools of Northern Illinois (TONI).  
Attendees started arriving on Friday, 6/29 -- some flew in, others drove;  
all came on “
wheels.” The out-of-towners stayed at the Chicago
Oakbrook Terrace Courtyard by Marriott, which is a beautiful hotel
reminiscent of the one in Seattle where TCI held its convention last
year, except on a  smaller scale.  However, this hotel had no shuttle
service to airport, so Deborah Wood's husband Kevin made three trips
to airport on Friday to fetch those who flew in, and then made a return
trip to airport early Sunday.  Kevin was also our driver on Saturday
evening. What a super guy to do all that.  Thank you Kevin!

In attendance were 18 collectors from six states, plus two non-
collecting husbands.  ARIZONA– Emily Capin.  ILLINOIS– Kris Beaulieu,
Peggy Carroll, Bonnie Dennis, Debbie Heinz, Edna Korobkin, Brooks
Popowitch, Betty Salch, Alice Stauder, Nancy Taubman, Deborah
Wood.  MINNESOTA—Melissa Yauk.  MISSOURI– Carolyn Morgan,
Donogene Thurmond.  TEXAS– Mary Craft, Kit Froebel.  WISCONSIN–
Dan Walbrun, Mickey Walbrun.

On Friday evening we took over the lobby of the hotel and made it into
a sales mall.  Literally.  We took up all the tables with thimbles and
things for sale.  Those selling were Kit Froebel, Peggy Carroll, Emily
Capin, Brooks Popowitch, Edna Korobkin, Carolyn Morgan, Mary Craft
and Mickey and Dan Walbrun. There were so many beautiful thimbles,
from expensive, to mid range and below, and tons of thimble and
sewing-related miscellaneous merchandise.  Oh my, it was bliss.
Afterwards, we all indulged in a giant Pizza Party in the lobby.

Saturday morning we met at Braxton Seafood Grill, the restaurant
where TONI usually meets, about two miles from our hotel.  Braxton’s
is a beautiful restaurant and we had a whole room for our meeting.  The
food was spectacular.  Brooks Popowitch, TONI president, had printed
menu cards which were at each place, and on the other side was the
meeting agenda.  Very elegant.  She also had made name badges for
each of us and the TONI group had made goodie bags for each place.  
Other table favors were donated by Peggy Carroll/ILMO Thimblers,
Melissa Yauk/Lady Slipper Thimblers, Kit Froebel and Mary
Craft/Thimbles On Wheels.

The meeting started on time and went very well.  Mary Craft was the
first speaker with her “
Donkey Thimbles and Sewing Accessories, a.k.
a. Mary’s Astoundingly Asinine Thimble Program
” program.  A little
levity to get things rolling.  Thank you Mary.

Next was Kit Froebel who gave her talk entitled “
You Too Can
”, a program about researching and submitting articles to
publications.  Nicely done and perhaps it lit some mental fires.  Thank
you Kit.

Dan Walbrun was next up with his program-in-progress about
Enameled Thimbles of Norway.”  Spectacular photos.  This is a
subject about which there is very little information and Dan is breaking
new ground with his fantastic research.  Dan shared much new
information about David Anderson and other makers, and we all learned
a great deal about Norway in general.  Thank you Dan.

Our last program of the day was by Deborah Wood, entitled “
Thimbles and Sewing Accessories
.”  What a fantastic array of clever
displays.  I know we all got some ideas from this one.  [This program is
another work-in-progress, and although Deborah has received
numerous photos from a few people, she is still seeking more
submissions.  So if you have not already sent your photos, please send
soon.]  Thank you Deborah.   

After lunch we had a brief buy and sell, and then traveled back to hotel
to change to casual clothes.  After a short respite, we boarded a rented
van and Kevin (bless him) drove nine of us to the Navy Pier, which is a
Chicago amusement area on the shores of Lake Michigan.  The area is
also a center for cultural arts with numerous museums located nearby,
as well as a boardwalk atmosphere along the pier.  Our visit coincided
with a festival called "Taste of Chicago" and the crowds were enor-
mous.  What a spectacle of different kinds of people, cultures, and
dress!  As we left our parking garage, we just happened to find
ourselves in a Tiffany Glass Exhibition.  Wow, that was amazing and
so colorful.  See our group photo above, taken in front of one of the
pieces.  We walked down the pier and stopped for a burger and
sandwiches at a place called The Billy Goat.  There was so much to see
and so much to take in.  Some of the group did a little shopping in a few
of the stores.  At the end of the pier in a park area, we found an art
exhibition of world globes which had all been decorated by different
groups in a Global Warming theme.  Then later we stopped and had
wine, salsa and chips at Riva's, an outdoor restaurant on the pier,
where we watched people in evening dresses, feather boas, etc. lining
up for the dinner cruises   They were all mixed in with the people in
shorts and halters and other bizarre forms of dress.  It was quite a
show and "people watching" took on a whole new meaning.

On Sunday, some headed for home; some stayed to take in the Kane
County Fair before leaving.  [Again, everyone utilizing “
wheels.”]  It
was a great meeting and I know all who attended took away wonderful
memories of the fun and friends we enjoyed, the knowledge we gained
and of course, a few Thimbles!

Special thanks go to Brooks Popowitch, Deborah Wood and Kevin
Wood for making everything go so smoothly.

THANK YOU, TONI Members, for inviting TOW to join you at this
Chicago, Illinois - 6-30-07
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels