Nimble Fingers Thimble Club and Thimbles on Wheels
                           Host Mini-convention in Beautiful North Idaho
                             at the Best Western Plus Coeur d’Alene Inn
                                           September 18 and 19, 2015.

The setting for this meeting was Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a city of approx. 46,000 located on
Interstate 90 about 30 miles from Spokane International Airport in Washington, and situated
between Lake Coeur d’Alene, Lake Pend Oreille and the artsy little town of Sandpoint.

The weather for our meeting was wonderful, in the mid 70’s - just right.  The city of Coeur
d'Alene was very pretty, decorated with flowers in baskets, etc. and pretty landscaping.  Of
course, there were many surrounding mountains with LOTS of tall trees.  

A total of
fifty-five attended the meeting, hailing from twelve states.  Forty-eight were
thimble collectors and another seven were local quilters who joined us for one day and
attended the Sales Mall.

Those arriving on Thursday were able to
Register, and quite a few of the early arrivals
made dinner reservations on their own at a local steak house called Wolf Lodge Inn.  Many
celebrities eat there when they are in the area.  It was an out-of-the-way place with rustic
decorations, a big fireplace burning, and ginormous steaks cooked on an open flame grill
right there beside the tables.  The food was fabulous with the steaks almost two inches
thick and way too large to eat it all.  It was a very enjoyable and memorable dining

The mini-convention started on Friday with a free breakfast buffet (as on all days) in
Mulligan’s inside the Best Western.  
Late Registration was available for those who had
not already registered.

Welcome Announcements were made by Sandi Wood and Kay Connors, followed
by a very short program by Mary Craft titled
“Who Is TOW and What Do They Do?”  
Kay Connors presented her original program
"The Thimbles of Tom Edwards, North-
west Silversmith."
 It was nicely done, very interesting, and enjoyed by everyone.  

Sales Mall was open twice, once in the morning, and again in the afternoon, giving
everyone ample opportunity to shop, and then come back and shop again.  
Fifteen tables
twelve vendors comprised the event with a vast array of wonderful items for sale!

A tasty luncheon was followed by presentation of the
"Ann Blakeslee Black Collection"
by Irene Schwall, narrated by Kay Connors. So many beautiful things were shown that
everyone stayed awake, even following lunch.

Welcome Bags were received by all attendees containing, among other things, the official
meeting thimble (part of the registration fee) which was made of wood and decorated with
phyrography by Nathan Edwards showing trees, mountains and a moon around the band,
along with the date 2015.  

Another meeting thimble made of Sterling silver was available for purchase from Tom
Edwards, who was in attendance.  The scene around the band shows a moose standing in
a Huckleberry patch, an eagle, and lots of trees.  (See photos of both above.)

Free Items Table was placed outside our function room which contained donated
items that were free for the taking.  Nearly everyone found something on the table that
needed a new home.

Hospitality Room was open after lunch (and several other times throughout the
meeting), and the walls were lined with wonderful
MOP items for which everyone
purchased tickets.  The hospitality room was well stocked with a great array of snacks,
sweets, drinks and homemade treats. Mmmm

Once again the morning started with a free breakfast buffet at Mulligan’s.

Sandi Wood narrated a program by Irene Schwall entitled
"Don't Wake Me, I'm Dreaming
I Won the Lottery!"
 It was a story about a dream of shopping in the Palais Royale  with
unlimited money.  OH MY GOODNESS what mouthwatering pieces, of which many of us
may never see the like again!  

Next was another program created by Irene Schwall entitled
“Mushrooms and Sewing
Tools with a Mushroom Theme.”
 Several of the attendees had donated photos of their
mushroom items for this program and enjoyed seeing them on display.  It was a beautiful
presentation with relaxing music.  Who knew there were so many little mushrooms lurking
on thimbles and sewing tools?

After lunch on our own, many attendees went on the
Scenic Boat Cruise of Northwest
Lake Coeur d'Alene.
 While some stayed downstairs in the glass enclosed portion, others
went outside to get a better view and let the wind blow through their hair.  Lake Coeur d’
Alene is surrounded by wooded cliffs.  Houses nestle among the trees and up the cliffs --
some very small, but most are multi-million dollar affairs.  The original ones were built by
timber barons "back in the day."  Today several famous people own places there.  On one
side of the lake the homes are accessible only by boat, and even the materials for the
homes were brought in by boat.  Every home has its own boat dock/slip, and some even
have small planes moored.  On the other side, homes are accessible by road.  The lake is
25 miles long and 10 miles wide, but we didn't cover it all, only one end.  It was a very
enjoyable trip.  For those who did not take the boat cruise, the
Hospitality Room was open.

Saturday night brought the
Closing Banquet, opened by Abigail Stepper playing the
fiddle, accompanied by her father
Paul Christensen on guitar.  Toe tapping good music!

After a wonderful meal, Nina Harby's program
"Thimble Whimsies” was presented -- a
humorous presentation creating many giggles and outright laughs from the appreciative

MOP drawings ended the evening with tremendous excitement by all, especially the

Attendees started making their way home, some directly to the airport, and some on to other
destinations before returning home…..all utilizing
ALL and we send a big THANK YOU to Sandi Wood, Kay Connors and the other members
Nimble Fingers Thimble Club for making this meeting such a success!  

              ♫ Happy Thimble Trails to You . . . Until we meet again . . .  ♫
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - 9/17-18/15
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels
Wooden thimble by Nathan Edwards
Sterling thimble by Tom Edwards