The organizational meeting of Thimbles on Wheels was a big
success.  We met on March 1, 2003 at Ryan's Restaurant in New
Braunfels, Texas.  Ten collectors and three "thimble roadies" attended.  
(For those who are not up-to-date on current slang, "roadies" are
people who travel with rock bands and other entertainers to set up the
equipment.)   Husbands Dick Froebel, Jess Hanna and Fred
Hannemann were kind enough to pitch in and help set up for the
meeting and we jokingly named them "thimble roadies.")  Due to
inclement weather and some other unexpected life-hiccups, several
who had planned to attend were unable to join us, but we hope to see
them (and you) next time.  One of our speakers encountered problems
and didn't make it, but we look forward to hearing Lis Fiscus tell us
about the thimbles she manufactures at our next meeting.

Highlights of the meeting included:

-  Welcome and opening remarks by Kit Froebel.
-  Mary Craft presented a program adapted from work by Barbara
Hluboky, on "Thimbles of Mesopotamia a.k.a. Marsh Arab Thimbles".
(Mesopotamia is now called Iraq.)
-  Amy Webb displayed her beautiful king-sized bedspread made of
embroidered blocks representing 120 thimbles given to her by
friends, and modeled her thimble-skirt which won first place in the
needlearts competition at TCI Spokane Convention.  Amy brought
100 of the 120 thimbles represented on the bedspread for everyone
to see.
-  Kit Froebel gave a talk about "Books Available to Thimble
Collectors" with a brief synopsis and example of each.
-  A wonderful display of various table favors from many TCI
Conventions of the past.
-  A very large display of all books in Kit's program and a few others,
in print and out.
-  We enjoyed a wonderful buffet lunch (and ate too much).
-  Adjournment to Kit and Dick Froebel's house for show/tell,
buy/sell/swap and refreshments. "So many thimbles -- so little

The time and site of our next meeting has not yet been finalized, but
we're working on it.  We've had invitations to Kerrville, Texas and
Electra, Texas (25 miles from Wichita Falls).  We've also had invitations
to visit Arizona, Maryland, South Africa and Switzerland.  While some of
these locations are not feasible at present, who knows what the future
holds?  We will definitely meet in Boston in August 2004 at the site of
the TCI Convention.  Do you have any ideas/suggestions as to sites of
future meetings?  If so, please share.

In summary, we all had a great time and invite you to join us for the next
meeting -- time and place to be announced later.

Mary and Kit
New Braunfels, Texas - 3-1-03
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels