November 4, 2006

In the Autumn of the last  three TCI  convention years the  Wisconsin, Iowa
and  Minnesota  thimble groups have  met  in  LaCrosse, Wisconsin  to share
convention  stories.  This  year,
Thimbles on  Wheels  (TOW)  was  
invited  as  well,  and   Kit  Froebel  gave  her  program  on  KMcD thimbles.  
There were 5 tables of 6 attendees (30): 11 from Wisconsin, 4 from Texas,  6
from Minnesota,  5 from Iowa,  3 from Illinois,  and one exchange student
from the Republic of Georgia (a former Soviet Union state). Most came in for
the day, but some stayed overnight at the Best Western where  the  meeting  
was  held.  Some came by train, some by plane, and  others by car or motor
home.  ( Note - all have wheels! )  It was great fun, just  like a mini-
convention, complete with table favors, door prizes, a silent auction and
sales mall.  We viewed a musical slide show  created by Sandi Wood and
relived wonderful Seattle memories. A great time was had by all who

THANK  YOU, Dairyland Thimblers,  for the invitation for TOW to join in this
fun meeting!
LaCrosse, Wisconsin - 11-4-06
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels