Thimbles On Wheels was invited to join the Tri-State Thimble Meeting of the
Dairyland Thimblers, Iowa Hawkeyes,
and Minnesota Lady Slippers in La Crosse,
Wisconsin on October 15, 2011.  The meeting was held at the Best Western Riverfront

on Rose Street in La Crosse, on the bank of the Black River.

The meeting was attended by 41 collectors, family and friends, and 8 states were
represented.  They came by car, plane and train . . . . all of which have

The fun started at 11 a.m. on Saturday, although the girls who took Amtrak were delayed a
bit.  We started with a "Meet and Greet" and
thimble sales, of course, since everyone is
always eager to see what treasures are available that might be obtained for their collections.

The first item of business after the Amtrak "party train" girls arrived, was a
luncheon buffet
of soup and salad in the hotel dining room.  Wonderful food and we ate too much so
everyone knew it might be difficult to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon.

After lunch, the first program was "
Thimble Shoes" by Diane Pelham Burn (with the help of
David and Hazel Arnold), narrated for us by Mickey Walbrun.  This program was a TCI
rental and this was the very first time it had been viewed by an audience since its donation
by Di. It was a beautiful and informative program and everyone enjoyed it.

After a short break the second program, narrated by Mary Craft, was "
Noble Lacquer -
, a group research project by (alphabetically) Edythe Baker (Maryland), Jenny
Bockel (South Africa), Mary Craft (Texas), Kit Froebel (Texas), Gerald Kamp (The
Netherlands), and Jenny White (South Africa). The program focused on the Noble Lacquer
thimbles of Helmut Greif and how they differ from hard enamel thimbles.  At the end of the
program, examples from the collections of Mary, Kit and Thelma Loudin, were passed
around for everyone to handle and inspect.

Then it was time for another break with refreshments of cookies, coffee and tea, in addition
to the snacks that were already on the tables.  Great job on the snacks and refreshments,
 (Click for recipe for Pumpkin Pie CHEX MIX)

The final program of the day was "Pincushion Dolls" by Frances Graves, narrated by
Mickey Walbrun.  The slides for this program were donated to TCI by Frances' local group
after her demise.  I think everyone in attendance gained a new appreciation for the little half
dolls in their own collections.

Everyone then adjourned outdoors for a group photo, taken by Dan Walbrun.  It took a bit of
time and lots of laughter to get everyone situated on the long steps leading from the hotel
deck down to the river.  The sun was bright and the wind was strong and crisp, but the end
result will be a treasured memento of our day.

All attendees received "Goodie Bags" containing a special "Tri-State Meeting"
thimble, a "Thimble Power" button, and candy.  Table favors were also on the tables from
various donors.  Very nice and very much appreciated by all.

During the course of the afternoon exciting drawings were held for surprise items and all of
the lucky winners were thrilled.

Raffle tickets were sold by Thimbles On Wheels for 5 donated items, with the proceeds
going toward the TOW web hosting fee, since the group has no dues and thus no treasury.  
These drawings were exciting as well.

The meeting adjourned a little after 4 pm and some participants once again availed
themselves of their various "wheels" and headed towards home.  Most however, were
scheduled to depart the next day and so met in the lobby in order to caravan to
"Piggy's" a
local restaurant.  The wide variety of food was spectacular and the comradery even more
so.  One of the highlights of the evening was when Joanna Schilling was surprised with a

birthday dessert
and a song from everyone.

Thimbles on Wheels wishes to send a giant THANK YOU to the Dairyland Thimblers,
Iowa Hawkeyes, and Minnesota Lady Slippers for their gracious  invitation to TOW
members to attend their meeting.  And thanks especially to all the people in those groups
who worked so hard to make the event such a success!

We hope to see all of our thimble friends again soon.  Until then, watch the
TOW web page
for details of our next meeting as soon as they become available.
Happy thimble trails to you... and  Keep those thimbles rollin'....
LaCrosse, Wisconsin - 10-15-11
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels