“Sand in Your Shoes” Thimble Meeting

THIMBLES ON WHEELS was invited to join The Philadelphia Thimble Society and
Capital Area Thimblers in Ocean City, Maryland on April 5-7, 2013 for a group thimble
meeting at the
Dunes Manor hotel, located directly on the ocean shore.  Collectors utilized
various forms of travel to reach the location, but all utilized
“wheels.”  The hotel was right
on the
beach, each room facing the ocean with a balcony.  At first we thought a "special
area" was set aside by the City for TOW.  ;o)

This was the
on April 3, 2003) and had the largest attendance of its nineteen meetings to date.  A total
sixty eight were in attendance (forty-eight thimblers and twenty guests) from twelve
states plus Washington DC
and a great time was had by all.  

TOW sends profound THANKS to The Philadelphia Thimble Society, Capital Area
Thimblers and especially Mabel Rogers, for the invitation.  

Attendees began “rolling in” early and a few of those early bird arrivals joined Mabel
Rogers at her home for an informal
dinner Thursday evening.  The food was fabulous and
company spectacular.

On Friday, April 5, Registration began in the
lobby of The Dunes Manor.  Those
registering received a “
Goodie Bag” containing favors and area information, as well as the
thimble of the event made by Woodsetton and designed by Mabel

The Dunes Manor provides free “
Teatime in the lobby every afternoon from 3 to 4 p.m.  
Everyone enjoyed tea, crumpets, cookies, pastries, and
thimble friends with whom to visit
and catch up.   

Dinner Friday evening was
Pizza for all served in the Verrazano Room, compliments of
PTS and CATS, after which everyone gathered in the Hospitality Room and visited until....

Saturday morning brought Late Registration,
Sales Mall Setup, and a Continental
Breakfast, all in the Verrazano Room, the location of all meeting events.  

After breakfast the
Sales Mall opened at 9 a.m. with a myriad of wonderful thimbles and
sewing tools to buy and see.   Bargains were found, acquisitions were made, and almost
everyone found something special.  

At 11 a.m. the first program was presented by Kit Froebel, entitled
Artisan Thimbles of
the 20th Century –Thimbles from the Collection of Alta Thompson.”  The program
consisted of stunning photographs of many thimbles which Kit sold on eBay from that
collection, along with the prices realized, and a bit of history about the “Thimbleers”- the
first known thimble collectors group in the U.S.  It was a beautiful and very informative

Luncheon was in the Victorian Room Restaurant with a choice of Crab or Chicken entrée
and the food was excellent.  Everyone ate too much and there was fear that a nap might
overtake us.

At 1:30 the second program of the day was presented by Mary Craft, entitled
Come Sail
Away.” This program featured “watercraft on thimbles” accompanied by background
music of “Come Sail Away” by STYX, 1997.  Many were surprised at the variety of
thimbles available featuring ships, boats, and other watercraft.  The men in the group
especially enjoyed the history of some of the ocean liners turned battle ships.

The group then took a break and again attended “
Teatimein the hotel lobby.  

At 3:30 the final program of the day was presented by Mabel Rogers, entitled
Sand in
Your Shoes.”  This program focused on thimbles featuring shells and told the story of two
young sisters who grew up playing on the beach.  Mabel actually photographed these
thimbles on the beach.  Everyone enjoyed this very pretty and whimsical program.

Winners of the Silent Auction were then announced, followed by a drawing for the TOW
Raffle winner.

With reluctance and resignation, the meeting was closed and everything packed away,
but there was still the Dinner to look forward to at
Phillips Crab House.  Collectors car-
pooled to the restaurant and found the most wonderful and gigantic
Seafood Buffet
awaiting them.  The array and variety of tantalizing seafood was amazing and won’t soon
be forgotten.

Many gathered again in the
Hospitality Room to end the evening and say goodbye to our
fellow collector friends until we see them next.

The meeting was a rousing success and everyone had a grand time.  Many attendees
participated in additional
sightseeing in the area  --  the wild ponies on Assateague
Board Walk at Ocean City (where we ate Thrasher’s French Fries and Carmel
Corn), Assateague Island Visiters Center, Fenwick Island Lighthouse, cities of Berlin and
Catonsville, antique stores, and walking on the
beach looking for shells (where we truly
did get “
sand in our shoes)  just to name a few.

The back of our meeting schedule stated:
“May the memories that you have made here warm your heart and may the sand in
your shoes bring you back to visit again.”

We hope to see all of our thimble friends again very soon.  Until then, watch the
Thimbles On Wheels web page for details of our next meeting as soon as they become

           Happy thimble trails to you...   and  Keep those thimbles rollin'....
Ocean City, Maryland  4-6-13
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels
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Kit and Mary in the BLUE rental