Thimbles On Wheels met in Philadelphia, PA in conjunction with the
Thimbles Collectors International 16th Biennal Convention (Aug. 28 - Sept.
2, 2008). Some flew in, some drove, some came by train -- all of which had
WHEELS.  The TOW meeting and TCI convention were both wonderful and
the weather was beautiful.  The Sheraton-Society Hill is a beautiful hotel and
situated right in the midst of the historical district, so we were able to do lots
of sightseeing.  In addition to the wonderful bus tour provided by TCI, many
of us struck out on our own.
 We visited the Liberty Bell,  Independence
Hall,  Christ Church, and  Betsy Ross' home, as well as many other sites and
attractions of the area.  We
Rode the Ducks wearing our Quackers, and
paddled down the
Delaware River.
TOW held a meet and greet-get acquainted gathering in the hotel lobby
on the evening of August 28.  Everyone enjoyed visting,  and
announcements of upcoming meetings were made.  Lettie Williams and
Crystal Dudley made and gave everyone beautiful
red or blue
dickey-bibs on which we could display our convention pins.  Thanks
Crystal and Lettie!
The TCI convention activities started the next day.  We enjoyed programs
throughout the convention on "French Thimbles", "Military Sewing Kits",
"Internet Workshop", "Iron & Steel Thimbles", "Knitting Tools", "Whimsies",
and "New York Thimble Makers."  All were extremely interesting, informative
and well-done.
We enjoyed a
Needle Arts Fashion Parade with members modeling their
creations made with a needle.
What Rings My Bell collection display was so much fun and it was very
interesting to see some of the sub-categories that people collect.
TCI Auction was exciting and full of wonderful treasures that went home
with new owners.  Lots of exciting bidding went on there.
The Hospitality Room, as well as being a place for everyone to relax and
visit, was home to the
MOP (Membership Opportunity Prizes) items on
which most of us bought chances.  Great items this year.
At the final night banquet, we were entertained by a group of Philadelphia's
"Mummers" and they succeeded in getting the crowd into a dancing
mood.  Great fun.
And last but not least by any means, the
Sales Mall was to die for.  Thimbles
and sewing tools for sale as far as eye could see.  Oh my, its a breathtaking
sight even for those of us who are seasoned collectors.  For the first-timers,
it was mind-blowing.  Literally everyone there found treasures.
It was a wonderful week and everyone took so many photos that its taking
us a while to sort through them and get a proper slideshow up, but in the
meantime we've included links on the main page to some "temporary" shows
of unedited photos.  If you have some photos you'd like to share, contact Kit
or Mary.
All in all, a great time was had by all and the TCI host group, Philadelphia
Thimble Society, did a spectacular job.  We're looking forward to TCI's next
convention in 2010, in CINCINNATI, OHIO!  (Announcement made by the

Ohio Thimble Seekers
)  Start making plans now to attend and especially to
attend the accompanying TOW meeting.
      Happy Thimbling - and Keep Those Thimbles Rolling........
Philadelphia, PA - 8-28-08
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels