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The programs listed below were created by the authors for presentation at
various gatherings of thimble collectors and are offered here purely for
your enjoyment and NOT FOR PROFIT. Price covers cost of production of
CDs and a few cents towards site maintenance.

(Programs are in PowerPoint format.  They start automatically and
PowerPoint Viewer is included on the disk.)

~Disclaimer ~
Each of the programs below was created using the knowledge and
resources available to the author at the time. As with all ongoing studies,
new information continues to surface so if you see an error please call it to
our attention so that it may be corrected. Or if you have additional
information that would enhance the program, please contact us.

~ Copyrighted Material - Reproducing or Copying CDs is Prohibited by Law
Do not use any thimble photos without permission of owner.
$5    ArtisanThimbles of 20th Century India -
Alta Thompson Collection - Kit Froebel (50 slides)
$5    Cherubs and Cupids As Shown On Thimbles - Kit Froebel  (29 slides)
$5    Contemporary Thimble Makers - Kit Froebel   (41 slides)
$5    Ketcham & McDougal Thimbles - Kit Froebel   (71 slides)
PLUS exact Postage -- you will be notified of amount at time of shipping.   
(Separate text for each of the above programs is included on the disk in Word format.)
            email Kit Froebel to purchase above

$5    Thimbles and Sewing Tools with Pansy Motifs - Mary Craft/Jenny Bockel (58 slides)
$5    Come Sail Away - Mary Craft  (96 slides)
$5    Noble Lacquer (Edellack) - multiple authors  (61 slides)
$5    Iris Thimbles (78 slides)- Mary Craft  (78 slides) -
Thimbles w/Iris images paired with Iris photos
$5    Thimble Maker Sinan Atilla and the Art of Carving Meerschaum (34 slides)
$5    Colonial America by Franklin Mint (Thirteen Colonies) - Mary Craft   (44 slides)
$5    Donkey Thimbles & Sewing Tools - Mary Craft   (61 slides)
$5    Grimm's Fairy Tale Thimbles by Franklin Mint - Mary Craft (65 slides)
$5    Thimble Treasures from the Dark Continent - Mary Craft   (39 slides)
$3    Products Inside Thimbles - Mary Craft  (26 slides)
PLUS exact Postage -- you will be notified of amount at time of shipping.
(Above programs open automatically in personal format with text on each slide.
     Format for audience presentation with separate text is also included.)
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