SEATTLE, WA.
                             August 8-12, 2006

The TOW  Seattle meeting  held  in conjunction  with the Thimble
Collectors  International convention has  now  come and  gone.   It  was
a  great  meeting!    We  met  in a private  dining  room  in  Spencer's
Steak-house  Restaurant  in  the  Hilton SeaTac  Hotel and Convention
Center near the Seattle/Tacoma airport.  The hotel was beautiful, the
food was divine and service supurb.          

Show  and  Tell  participants  were  Lucerne  Wulf  (Arizona)  with  a  
story  about an  amber sewing set  she recently purchased in Poland,  
and Peggy Carroll (Illinois) with a story of a machauline  ware  thimble
holder and  thimble that she later discovered  held  a Stanhope viewer
with four scenes of the same city as shown on the case. Both items
were exquisite. Thank you, Lucerne and Peggy.

Jenny   Bockel   (Johannesburg,   SA),  author  of  recently   published   
book,  Thimbles  of Southern Africa, gave a  talk about her research in
relation to the  book,  and  about some interesting  and  funny  
en-counters along  the way.   It was a  fascinating talk and  everyone
enjoyed it.  Thank you, Jenny.

Several  attendees  contributed  table   favors,  door  prizes  and  
mementos  for  the  event, including  Lucerne  Wulf  (AZ),  Sue  Pickles
(UK),  Jenny  Bockel (SA), Kit Froebel (TX) and Mary Craft (TX).  Thanks
ladies, they were all lovely and very much appreciated.

Seattle is an amazing city and the weather was wonderful.  
Temp-eratures were 50/72 degrees (F.) with sunny skies.  We had slight
mist early one morning and  the rest of the week the weather was
beautiful.   Among other things, many visited the Space Needle and
Pike's Place Market.  Some took a cruise on Lake Union, through the
Locks and into Puget Sound with  Mount  Rainier in  the distance.   
Some visited a quilt shop and many visited  the  Klondike  Museum of  
the goldrush days, a glass blowing exhibit, and a giant bead store.  
These are only a few of the exciting activities we enjoyed during the

The TCI convention was wonderful as well, with many informative and
interesting programs, including one by our own Kit Froebel on  
Ketcham &  McDougal  thimbles.   A previously unknown KMcD  
Niagara Falls thimble containing  a Stanhope peep surfaced at the TCI
Sales Mall  and  after "burning the midnight oil"  doing  photography and
computer work, with the help of  Mabel  Rogers  and  Bobbie  Howard,  
Kit  was able to add it to her PowerPoint presentation.   Then in  the  
hospitality room, just 30 minutes before her talk, a second previously
unknown KMcD thimble surfaced which appears to show views of  
three different KMcD factories.  Mable took  photos and Kit was able to
add this beauty  to the presentation at the last minute as well. How
fortunate for us all and what a thrill!  Thanks Kit -- very interesting and
well done!

At  the TCI Sales Mall, everyone "shopped 'till they dropped" and there
were several rare finds made there.  Thimbles and sewing tools for sale
as far as the eye could see . . . . pure heaven.   All in all, it  was a great
meeting and a wonderful trip.  We hope to see you at the next one.  
Seattle, Washington - 8-8-12-06
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels