Thimbles On Wheels (TOW)  traveled to Sherman, Texas and  
the LaQuinta Inn  for  a
"Christmas in July" meeting on Saturday 7/11/09.  
As usual, some flew in, others drove,  but all utilized “

Attendance totaled 18 members -- 13 from from Texas, 2 from Arizona, 3
from Oklahoma and 1 from North Carolina:

Cynthia (OK), Emily (AZ), Mary (TX), Kit  (TX), Mollie and Jess (OK), Carmen  
(NC),  Judy and Tim (TX), Margaret (TX), Norma and Dale (TX), Shirley (TX),
Glenda and Red (TX), Wanda (TX), Lucerne (AZ), and Jenny (TX).

We were excited to have the author of "Toy and Miniature Sewing Machines,
I & II" and her husband join us for this meeting.

Members started arriving on Friday afternoon and we visited, renewed
friendships and shopped for thimbles in the rooms before dinner at the
nearby Cheddars restaurant.  We enjoyed really good food and gigantic

Afterwards we "waddled" back to the hotel for a Sales Mall in the lobby,
which the hotel had courteously allowed us to commandeer.  There was an
unusually large amount of thimbles and accessories from which to choose,
thanks mainly to Kit.  Because she drove, she was unfettered by airline
baggage constraints and the attendees were the grateful beneficiaries.  
Other sellers were Emily, Mary, Jess and Glenda.

On Saturday morning, more TOW members arrived, and we all enjoyed a
really splendid complimentary breakfast in the lobby.  Wow, it was quiet an

After breakfast, everyone loaded into the cars and "caravaned" to the home
of our host and hostess,
Judy and Tim.  Believe it or not, we didn't lose a
single vehicle along the way.  Our hosts are not only TOW members, but
also TCI members.  They are avid long-time collectors of a vast array of
items, not the least of which are sewing tools.

When we walked in the front door at our destination, everyone fully realized
why this meeting had been billed as
"Christmas in July."  First of all, we
were greeted by over 4,000 Santas, not to mention numerous decorated
Christmas trees and other assorted things of Christmas.  I have to say that
this was the first time I've actually seen a bunch of thimble collectors literally
"speechless."   And that was only the beginning........

Our host and hostess graciously took us on a guided tour and explained
their many collections, then allowed us to explore on our own.  I do hope
that we didn't leave too many drool marks and nose prints on the glass

We enjoyed a wonderful salad buffet lunch provided by our hosts, and
afterward held a drawing for various "door prizes".  The group presented our
hostess with a Demdaco Willow Tree angel figurine which was carrying a
"thimble."  Then we did more exploring, looking, and drooling for a while
before departing.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced all those
wonderful things.  
THANK YOU to Judy and Tim for their
  I know we will all cherish the memories of our visit.

We hope those who weren't able to join us will be able to do so at a future
meeting.  Maybe the next one will be near you, or perhaps you or your local
thimble group might consider hosting a meeting in your area.

Until then,
"Keep Those Thimbles Rolling."        
Sherman, Texas - 7-11-09
            "Christmas in July"
welcome to:
Thimbles On Wheels